Designs inspired by Nature

DW|SS A is located on Canada's west coast with design studios in Tofino and in Vancouver.

Wildlife habitats are increasingly fragmented and are disappearing in our cities. Every person has the ability to help address this urban challenge. Prior to accepting a project, we respectfully request our clients consider the creation of an urban habitat into their projects. We work with our clients to explore opportunities to integrate outdoor living places at their home or office – perhaps a smaller butterfly or a song bird garden crafted with edible landscaping, or a larger community rainwater retention pond for frogs, birds and indigenous plants. Over the past few decades, our office has worked with people from all walks of life in the creation of neighbourhood boulevard gardens, backyard urban habitats, wetlands restoration, office park storm water retention ponds, and the preservation of urban forests.

We build our reputation with clients who share our passion for quality, for natural systems, and a deep respect for our environment.